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Comment by: body grain
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Comment by: chris callahan
your work is beautiful. your art makes me feel different emotions with each picture. powerful stuff. keep it flowing my dear. love you, and am blessed to have you in my life, and for that I thank you
Comment by: Barbara Paquette
It was nice to meet you and discuss -- so visited this site -- the portraits and Gaughan works are my favorites. I think it's true that art is not just the technical end result of an act of creation but includes something of who we are. It does reflect our training in art and over time, pieces reflect something of who we were, are and are becoming. We look for what when it is there in front of us all along.
Comment by: Bret Hubbard
Wow..Great work..
Comment by: Anny
Hey Michael, we met at Artist's house in Philadelphia.. I was with my boyfriend and came to show him your work; to my delight you were there.. I hope you remember us.. I was the girl who knew nothing about art.. and you were the artist who had created the first art I had ever considered more than just pictures. It was awesome to know that you heard how much I liked your work without me knowing you were even there at first.. I am writing a paper for my Art of Philadelphia class.. It talks about you and your work and I would love to send it to you if you would like to read it... Your work truly captivated me.. A girl who is pre-law, and has no past interest in Artistic works.. but yet your work spoke to me.. and showed me a new outlook I have on beauty.. thank you. Please e-mail me if you would like to read my paper so that I have an address to send it to! Thanks! Anny!
Comment by: admin
If you would like to be notified about upcoming classes, events, exhibitions and updates pertaining to Michael's work, please go to the 'contact' page of this website and request to be added to Michael's personal mailing list. Please remember to include your phone number and postal address in the comment field if you would like to receive a beautiful postcard, print or invitation from Michael in the future. Your information will be treated with the utmost respect and will never be shared with a third party.
Comment by: craig
Love your work!!! Will not be able to attend wed/Hope 2c soon!! love!!!!!
Comment by: Ali Montgomery
Hey Michael, its great to see you blossom so. I still have drawing you drew me in grade school. I am very proud of you.
Comment by: Justin
Great work. I will definitely come back to see more of your new work. Keep it up
Comment by: Nanci Walsh
Hi Michael, I just had a chance to look at your wonderful website. I love your work--it's the first I've seen. Especially your ink drawings were magical--I also was so captivated by your writing style and insight. Hope to see more. So good to talk with you the other evening. Nanci
Comment by: little lisa
you work is fabulous. I'm glad i finally got a chance to look at it.
Comment by: Lambros
I'm diggin the ink stuff. Every drawing tells a story. Very nice.
Comment by: Andie Francoeur
Oh Michael.. I love visiting your site from time to time. The paintings are hauntingly beautiful & I am taken back to the days when we used to sit and sip coffee with way too much cream & sugar.. on the front porches of your parent's home and mine.. back in the cozy damp Northwest. I miss those days! I can't wait to see more of your work. Please stay in touch. Much love, Andie
Comment by: maria
Hi Michael,WOW! I am impressed. Your work is amazing.The detail, colors, compositions,and most of all the strong feelings these works evoke are above and beyond!
Comment by: J. Price
Website: :( none at the moment.
Comment by: Merrick
Comment by: Patricia MacGowan
Just found your Gastromancy card and went to your great website. Loved seeing you in Mexico.
Comment by: Katie
LOVE IT! I just favorited this and it said on the tab that these are oil paintings. Beautiful. I think the nudity and the expressions are incredible. You definitely have a fan! A lot of the music you heard on our site has been updated. Why don't I make you a CD of all the new stuff and changes to old stuff? I'm proud of it now. And you should be proud too!
Comment by: Erin Shinneman
As always, Mike, your work stirs such strong emotion. It's fantastic as always. So glad we're back in touch. Love you, Erin
Comment by: Joshy Washy
Fantastic work, brooding and honest.
Comment by: Dinah Edwards

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